Congratulations and Thank you

RAMP helps deter unreasonable fees on renters, property owner’s and additional regulations of real estate practitioners!

by John Petrack, Executive Vice President of the REALTORS® Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh

The association, YOUR association, mounted a multi-year legal challenge to protect private property rights and the real estate consumer. Recently, we’ve received notification from our legal counsel, that this effort has been successful. On July 20th, the court ruled in our favor and on August 16th, a city of Pittsburgh motion was denied by the courts.

The July 20th ruling stated that “the city is prohibited from enforcing the ordinance until they set a fee that is fair, reasonable, and not grossly disproportionate.”

This stems from a proposed City of Pittsburgh rental registration ordinance that would have established an annual “renter’s tax,” limited our ability to practice real estate as regulated by the state of Pennsylvania, and established additional requirements on real estate professionals.

Our member’s dues monies and contributions funded this five year legal battle. Collectively, as an association, each and every one of our members came together to protect each and every one of our members, as well as, the real estate consumer!

The true purpose of an association. We accomplish more when we work as one.

Congratulations and thank you for being a RAMP member.