Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) from the National Association of REALTORS® empowers REALTORS® to evaluate, enhance and showcase their highest levels of professionalism. It's not a course, class or designation—it's an Endorsement that REALTORS® can promote when serving clients and other REALTORS®.

Start your journey to earning the endorsement from the National Association of REALTORS®.

Below are members who have completed the C2EX Program:

Crystal Alfonsi
Kathleen Barge
Nia Baton-Soffietti
Elisa Ciotti
David Dean
Alfred Duff
Sherri Flaherty
Shannon Gallagher
Darnell Gatewood
Michelle Grasinger
Mary Hagan
Ronald Huber
Matthew Ivill

Lisa Jackson
Jim Jarrett
Darla Jobkar
Bayram O. Kan
Joseph Kasyan
Julie Leslie
Max Lieberth
David McConnell
Cheryl McConnell
Anthony Mete
Marlene Miller
Bob Moncavage
John Petrack
Yevgenia Pritchard
Ashley Pugliesi

Megan Rummel
Dave Runco
Peter Sebock
Brian Sergi-Curfman
Helen Sosso
Eric Tallon
Joshua Taylor
Elizabeth Thomas
Allison Timco

Earn your C2EX Endorsement to elevate your expertise and score main stage gigs. Your revved-up reputation sets you up for the big show as you cultivate community connections, boost business, and position yourself as a top-of-the-charts REALTOR® and market powerhouse.