RAMP affiliate partners can take advantage of a unique program to market their services to nearly 2,700 regional REALTORS® through high-impact direct mail. Although RAMP does not sell or share its mailing list, affiliate partners can enhance their marketing campaigns by:

Renting our list for use by a mail facility

Because most business mailings are handled by third-party mail facilities, we offer the option of renting our list on a per-mailing basis. Here's how it works: You pay a $160 list rental fee to RAMP, and we supply the database to your mail vendor — who then applies bulk mail rates, address inkjetting, and any other special items you've requested. This opportunity is only available in cooperation with approved mail facilities (which must agree in writing to destroy the list after a single, approved use.)

List rental with labeling by RAMP staff

For companies that prefer to send mail with first-class stamps and labels, RAMP can address your pre-stamped, pre-assembled mailing. In addition to the $160 list rental cost, you pay a processing fee of 15 cents per envelope. Bulk mail rates are not available with this option.

For more information about either option, contact:
Jeff Zirngibl, Membership Director (412-563-5200 x216)