Have you ever been interested in the workings and governance of our Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS? Our Standard Forms? Our governance, or advocacy?

Here's your chance to attend one session of the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS Business Meetings on RAMP's dime.

Complete the following application by December 21st. One RAMP member will be selected to participate at the next set of the PAR Business Meetings scheduled for January 29 through 31, 2024.


Start a pilot program whereby a RAMP Realtor member is selected to attend PAR’s Business Meetings in Harrisburg which occur three times a year. RAMP will choose a different Realtor member for each meeting and will reimburse that Realtor’s travel expenses. RAMP will cover hotel room, gasoline, tolls, parking and meals. Ideally, the selected Realtors will come from varying brokerages, office sizes and locations.

The objective of this program is to give our membership a better understanding of what associations do (local, state & national), what they provide, and how they bring value and worth to both Realtors and real estate consumers alike.


  • Social Media savvy, having a “loud” presence, preferably on multiple platforms.
  • Must agree to attend the Business Meetings for the entire time, including all scheduled lunches and/or dinner events, the Board of Directors Meeting, and the Sunday night RAMP “gathering” prior to the start of the Meetings on Monday.
  • Agree to a minimum of 1 social media post prior to leaving for Harrisburg.
  • Agree to a minimum of 1 social media post with photo(s) per day during the Meetings.
  • Agree to a minimum of 1 social media video post (live or otherwise) at some point during the Meetings.
  • Agree to one after-meeting social media post with a recap of the Meeting event including photos.


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