If you have ever built a custom home or commercial space you will remember the moment you walked into the building mid-construction and found a problem.  At this point, your choices were to spend thousands of dollars to make it right or live with a design error that will drive you crazy for the next 10 years.  Its too bad you can’t walk through your floor plan in life size before construction started…

Many people find construction floor plans very confusing.  Measurements on a piece of paper don’t adequately convey what your new home, office building or restaurant will look like.  Once construction has started errors and changes are frustrating, time consuming, and expensive.

A new company in Pittsburgh has provided a solution that is the first of its kind in the United States.  Walkable Plans has developed a system that allows any floor plan to be projected onto the floor of their facility, providing the ability to walk on a full size replica.  The image is over 3300 square feet and works just like a computer screen allowing you to easily move from one floor or section to another.

Aided by real furniture and movable walls, you can now truly experience your future space.  Solve design problems, optimize flow, and ensure the design is perfect before construction begins.

Walkable Plans is hosting an Open House exclusively for RAMP Members on July 8th from 5:00-7:00.   Wooden Door Winery will be serving their local hand crafted wines and appetizers from their restaurants.  Come experience the newest technology for Floor Plans.  Please register online.

If you are interested in scheduling your firm or industry partners for a private tour you can contact them at info@walkableplans.com or call 412-538-5888.  www.walkableplans.com