Executive Vice President or Preacher?

A special message from John Petrack, Executive Vice President of RAMP.
As your Association’s Executive Vice President (EVP), this position sometimes requires that I also preach. If you are reading this, I am probably preaching to the choir. Unfortunately, this is part of the job description. As is answering telephone calls from both consumers and members alike. A good many of the calls inquire about our practices, protocols, and also ethics. A good many times I am able to assuage the caller or mediate between the parties. Fortunately, this helps avoid some issues for our members and possibly formal ethics complaints.

Though, what does surprise me is that many of the issues could be easily avoided. If our members would just R E A D.

Yes, READ. You read that right.

All three legs of our association (national, state and local) publish valuable information. Information that can improve productivity, increase your general knowledge and assist you relative to risk reduction. Yes, we are trying to keep you out of REALTOR® court.

Locally, we publish a weekly newsletter and post additional information on our website/social media. The Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® offers a daily article, Monday through Friday. And the National Association of REALTORS® offers a variety of sources, from the bi-monthly magazine to newsletters that you may customize to your own interests.

A question: When was the last time that you actually sat down and read the Agreement of Sale?

The reason that I am preaching about this is simple. Remember those telephone calls that I mentioned earlier? A good many of them could be easily avoided if everyone would just set aside a bit of time to read.

I am done preaching now, the phone is ringing.