Spam doesn't work, but well-placed, well-planned e-advertising does. There's no need to buy outdated lists for unsolicited e-mails; RAMP offers its affiliate partners an ethical, effective option for reaching thousands of Pittsburgh-area real estate professionals.

RAMP does not sell or share the e-mail addresses of its members, but affiliate partners can capitalize on the power of our vast electronic database (and the credibility of our name) by advertising in the Pittsburgh REALTOR® e-newsletter, which reaches 2,700 inboxes each time. It's never been easier to reach the Pittsburgh real estate community with lightning speed. Contact RAMP to view a sample e-newsletter.

Affiliate partners can share their message for an affordable maximum cost of $250 plus sales tax. (These rates apply to hyperlinked ads of 300 px wide by 110 px deep.) You pay a $50 setup fee and pay $1 per click on the ad up to a maximum of 200 clicks. Contact RAMP for more information or to reserve your space.

You may also opt for an "exclusive email" to our members (sent by RAMP) for a total cost of $1000 plus sales tax.  Only one "exclusive email" is offered per month.  This is available on a first-come, first-served basis.