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Terms and Conditions



The REALTORS ® Educational Institute (REI) accepts payment  1) online at, 2) via credit card by phone or in person at 412-561-2682 3) via check 4.) cash/money order.

Payment must be received at least one business day before the class.

*Registrations shall not be complete or guaranteed until payment is received by one of the aforementioned methods.*

Check should be made payable to “RAMP” and mailed to:

Attn: School Admin

REALTORS® Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh
1427 West Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15226-1101



The REALTORS® Educational Institute reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or discontinue a course or education program at any time and for any reason.

Once issued, textbooks are not returnable, refundable, or exchangeable.


As $25 surcharge shall apply for any returned check.

Please remember that the Real Estate Commission requires 80% attendance for qualifying education (QE) and 90% CE.  Pre-license students will be able to take make-up sessions for $50 each. Incompletes are issued when a student doesn't meet the attendance requirement.  Incompletes may be resolved by making up class hours in a manner that is acceptable to the School and Instructor, at the Director’s discretion.

Please note our policy is that texting and internet browsing is prohibited in the classroom.  This is in your best interest and the interest of your classmates.  Please turn your phone on silent and only leave the classroom briefly to handle important texts or calls. REI defers modification of this policy to the instructor at their discretion.

Class materials may be emailed to you for some courses.  You may print them out or following along on your tablet/laptop if the instructor allows.


Please do remember to check your email regularly and before coming to class as we may make important class announcements such as cancellations or send class materials to you.


There are no exams in CE classes. This policy only applies to QE courses that are required by the Commission to have exams. Grades will be “Pass” or “Fail” or “Incomplete” and will be given on the basis of results of the final examination, class participation, completion of assignments and attendance. A 75% is the minimum score required for passing the final examination.  Should you fail the exam, please contact the School to request a retake. You get two retakes. If you fail three times you will have to take the course over.

Transcripts are passed out at the end of in-person classes or emailed for livestream classes within one week.  We are not able to furnish transcripts for classes completed over ten years ago.


1.) In-person or livestream classes:

From the date of registration up to two business days preceding the class(es) registered for, students have a right to receive a tuition refund minus a $20 cancellation fee per class. No refund will be issued for textbooks. Alternatively, a student may transfer his payment *as a one-time courtesy* for the cancelled class to another class offered by the REALTORS® Educational Institute if:

  • The student simultaneously registers for the new class at the time of cancellation, and:
  • The newly selected class is offered within three (3) months from the date of cancellation, and:
  • At the time of cancellation, the student pays the additional balance due (if any) for the new class.
No refund or credit will be issued to any student if:
  • The student provides no notice of cancellation and/or does not attend the class registered for, and/or:
  • The student’s notice of cancellation is not received by the school two business days preceding the class(es) registered for. It shall be the student’s responsibility to confirm timely receipt of cancellation, and/or:
  • The student attends any portion of the course registered for.
  • The class is relocated and the student chooses not to attend.
  • The student did not attend the course the student was transferred to.
 All requests for cancellation, refund, or transfers must be made by email only at minimum two business days preceding the class(es) registered for.

Email to:

We do not accept phone call cancellations.

2. Self-guided Online classes

Up to 7 days after your purchase, you may receive a refund.  All requests for refunds must be made by email to You will need to attached or forward your original order and a brief explanation for the refund request. We do not accept phone call cancellations.


Students who do not pay for a course in advance will be invoiced $10 for any classes registered for but not canceled two business days in advance.



To the extent allowed by law, students agree to indemnify and hold harmless the REALTORS Educational Institute (REI) and the REALTORS Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh (RAMP), its employees, instructors, or any other person against any and all claims, loss, damage, injury, cost (including court costs and any other legal fees), charges, liability or exposure, however caused, resulting from or arising out of or in any way connected with classes at RAMP/ REI.


“I appreciated the clarity of information delivered."

“This was fun!”

“The instructors are relatable.”

"The best part was the interaction of the class."

"I have a significantly better understanding."

“Teacher was engaging, great use of real world examples to help understand concepts.”

“I finally learned something I’ve always wanted to learn.”

“The best part was interactive discussion with a practicing real estate professional.”

“Instructors were engaging and thorough. I have no complaints!”

“The best part was the exchange of experiences and knowledge.”

“Instructor was great! Engaging, friendly, thorough.”

“Always used relevant stories, best part – engaging!”

“The instructor’s experience and vast knowledge on the subject was obvious. She uses both historical and current day Pittsburgh examples.”

“Thank you for teaching this class. You are a true expert in your profession!”

“Loved the class!”